All the comfort also for articulated bed.

The soft and cozy surface of the VIT series mattresses can also be enjoyed in an articulated bed, thanks to this model that achieves this by combining the wool of its upper layers with a flexible and adaptable interior of pocket springs.

Tejido 66% Viscosa, 20% Lana y 14% Algodón
Grosor: 32 cm

2262 Muelles Ensacados Multispring

2262 Muelles Ensacados en tejido de algodón + lana merina + crin caballo + látex y yute

Ideal for articulating

Articulated beds allow an ergonomic and perfect fit to the spine, regardless of height, weight and sleeping position.

Merino wool, natural insulator

The Vitelo mattress features the comfort of merino wool, the best natural insulator in existence, capable of maintaining a constant body temperature in both winter and summer, thanks to its ability to absorb moisture from the body and the environment.


More than 4500 pocket springs, distributed in 3 layers, which reduce the pressure and our movements while we sleep.

Merino wool

This natural fiber is the best natural insulator, capable of maintaining a constant body temperature and avoiding thermal variations.

Natural latex

Natural material extracted from rubber, elastic, soft firmness and great adaptability.

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