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Advisors in high quality rest and comfort,we are professionally dedicated to personalize the experience of our customers.

Premium after-sales service

We guarantee our customers a high quality after-sales service free of charge, because their needs are ours.


7 Years

Premium warranty on Senttix lines


100 Nights

100 nights of test on Senttix lines


Transport And Assembly

At home, no charge.


Collection And Recycling

We pick up and recycle your old mattress.

Your consultants for your rest space

Your bedroom should be a place of calm and peace, which helps you disconnect from everyday life and where you can enjoy good sleep. Therefore, when designing it it is important to take into account the small details as these can make a big difference.

Creating the perfect atmosphere for rest is sometimes complicated, but details like the tone of the room, lighting or order can completely change the space and make it the perfect place to rest.

The place where rest problems can be solved

Home Palma was born with the intention of meeting the demands of many people who demanded maximum comfort at home and the need to obtain a full rest in a busy life. In its spacious exhibition hall, located in the city center, one can discover the latest trends in rest, while receiving tips on how to choose the best bed or sofa for the home.

The importance of having expert advisors when selecting your bed

On average we spend 20 to 25 years sleeping and the way we do it directly affects our health. Having adequate rest equipment is essential when improving our sleep. Home Palma was born with the aim of offering expert attention and quality mattresses. We will be in charge of finding the solution that best suits your needs when it comes to sleep.

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Exclusive personalized treatment and advice for you or your projects We assure you that you will be satisfied and receive the solutions you need in high quality rest and comfort Without any commitment.

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