The importance of having expert advisors when selecting your bed

A bad choice in your rest team can directly affect your health and way of life

On average we spend 20 to 25 years sleeping and the way we do it directly affects our health. Having adequate rest equipment is essential when improving our sleep. Home Palma was born with the aim of offering expert attention and quality mattresses. We will be in charge of finding the solution that best suits your needs when it comes to sleep.

Many of the sleep problems we have are directly related to the rest equipment we use, for example, the use of a pillow unsuitable for your physiognomy can generate or aggravate cervical problems.

Thanks to the expert team of Home  Palma  , you will find the option that best suits your body and lifestyle to enjoy a full and restful rest. Analyzing your specific needs will recommend one type of bed or another.

In addition, in its showroom you will find a selection of the best premium rest brands, such as Senttix, a Spanish family brand with more than 40 years of experience in the sleep sector, being its official distributors on the Island.

Senttix products stand out for their quality and innovation, being recognized in 2012 with the Business Innovation Award granted by the Ministry of Universities, Business and Research of the Region of Murcia. Its quality, also certified, guarantees the durability of its products and that the sleep condition will always be optimal.

Their beds are handmade by the best craftsmen, who take care of every detail. As for materials, they are committed to innovation and quality, taking into account respect for the environment and good work.

Senttix collections are designed based on the different needs and tastes of each person. Among its series we find, VIT a line of products that focuses on simplicity and elegance, and also have treatments for skin, pollution and blood pressure.

In sustainable materials and with the V-Label vegan seal, there is GEA, a collection where the beautiful, the natural and the useful come together. And if you’re looking for maximum customization, LAB is for you! , a series of mattresses and pillows that allow you greater adaptability and includes exclusive fabrics with restorative properties.

En definitiva, si buscas una mejora en tu sueño, además contar con un buen equipo de descanso que sepa cumplir con tu estilo de vida, es imprescindible que a la hora de elegirlo dispongas de la ayuda de un experto que pueda guiarte hacia la mejor opción para tu fisonomía. Porque al igual que no hay dos personas iguales, su cama tampoco debería serlo.

En Home Palma, además de poner a tu disposición un equipo de asesores profesionales del sueño, ofrecen un servicio post-venta premium por la compra de tu cama. Disfrutarás de 7 años de garantía en la línea Senttix, 100 noches de prueba en tu colchón, transporte y montaje sin coste alguno en tu domicilio y recogida y reciclaje de tu antiguo colchón.

Si tienes alguna duda sobre cómo mejorar tu descanso, no dudes en visitar su sala de exposiciones ubicada en la calle Manacor, justo al lado de las Avenidas, para pedir presupuesto sin compromiso o hacer una consulta personalizada sobre cómo elegir bien tu colchón ideal.


7 Años

Garantía Premium en las líneas Senttix


100 Noches

100 noches de prueba en líneas Senttix


Transporte y Montaje

En su domicilio, sin cargo.

Medio Ambiente

Recogida y Reciclaje

Recogemos y reciclamos su viejo colchón.

Remember and take into account all the details is sometimes impossible, therefore, it is best to have expert sleep advisors who take care of recommending the best options for your bedroom and body.

Home Palma will help you create and improve your space so that it meets all the optimal conditions to enjoy good sleep. Do not hesitate to visit its exhibition hall, located in Manacor Street, next to Avenues, so you can enjoy personalized attention and discover a new way to rest.

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