Sleep and Rest Advisor

Almost 20 years of experience in the commercialization of rest systems

In recent years I have developed activities within the childcare sector, contract, home as a rest advisor.

My goal: to educate and sensitize consumers about healthy rest.

My interest in what is healthy and brings well-being in people’s lives, causes me to continue studying to be able to disseminate in a practical way what has to do with enriching sleep.

Senttix, experts in rest.
Learn to rest; do not give up dreaming.

Jesus Veláz

At Home Palma we are sleep and rest advisors. Visit our shop and check the high-end beds and mattresses. Know the real rest.

Can we rejuvenate while we sleep?

Why do we dream?

Why does sleeping improve sex?

Why do we wake up at night?

Why do we snore?

Why do we suffer from insomnia?

Book your appointment and we will advise you

Request your appointment and receive a personalized treatment and advice exclusively for you. We assure you that you will be satisfied and receive the solutions you need in rest, comfort and high quality design for your home or projects..

In addition, just to visit us, you will receive our exclusive Home Palma pack to give our customers, in which you will receive:


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