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When you feel comfortable in your home everything flows, but finding that perfect furniture is not easy. With a visit to Home Palma you will discover the latest and best trends in premium furniture for the home.

Home Palma was born with the intention of meeting the demands of many people who demanded maximum comfort at home and the need to obtain a full rest in a busy life. In its spacious exhibition hall, located in the city center, one can discover the latest trends in rest, while receiving tips on how to choose the best bed or sofa for the home.

Home Palma is undoubtedly the place where rest problems can be solved, thanks to its professional team of experts and its offer of premium furniture. From advising on the right springs in the mattress to evaluating how your sofas fit the body, Home Palma are experts in sleeping and resting at full capacity.

We spend much of the day resting on the bed and couch and the way we do it greatly affects many aspects of our life. Unlike most furniture stores, Home Palma takes the time to understand the best way to help you rest. Back pain, neck tension, and breathing problems are common sleeping problems. These symptoms can be alleviated by addressing the main cause:the quality of the bed and sofa.

For this they have the main premium brands in the market, an offer that focuses on offering the best quality/ price ratio that exists on the island, being able to access furniture that guarantee an optimal rest without having to face exorbitant prices.

One of these brands is Senttix, a Spanish manufacturer of rest systems.

Its mission is to contribute to the healthy life and well-being of people through quality products made with natural and healthy materials for the rest of their customers.

This national manufacturer shows perfectly that simple and honest rest systems, while respecting the environment, ensure an essential and beneficial rest for our body.

If you add to this that any Senttix product in Home Palma, has 7 years premium warranty, 100 nights trial and free transport and assembly, the combination is perfect.

And if what you are looking for is the premium sofa or armchair for your home, Egoitaliano is the answer. This Italian manufacturer focuses on the design and comfort of its products thanks to its fantastic use of premium fabrics, coatings and cushions. Each sofa and armchair from Egoitaliano is made by master craftsmen and upholsterers, who control the quality from production to delivery.

Its products are designed to be quiet on the sofa without anyone bothering, for those who likes design and comfort, that that armchair is a sacred corner.

Consult with one of Home Palma’s advisors to help you decide which are the best products for your home, as well as align the color palettes and interior style.

Home Palma’s recommendation is to visit its exhibition hall located on Manacor Street, right next to the Avenues, to request a budget without obligation or make a personalized consultation on how a new mattress or sofa could improve the quality of your rest.

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