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The LAB series features modern design products that allow for incredible customization and include restorative properties in fabrics and fibers such as Celliant or Xtra-Cool. Mattresses that incorporate nanotechnology to accelerate muscle recovery in specific areas like with the Warm-Up technology Why do you like LAB?

To match your pace of life. State-of-the-art Senttix designs to make the most of your rest time. Materials and compounds selected for those who perform highly demanding professions and/or physical activities.

Senttix’s LAB Collection is committed to modern design Its mattresses, box springs and rest accessories incorporate our R&D: foams (Moon) and advanced fibers(Airvent, Celliant, Xtra-Cool); microparticles or nanotechnology; regeneration in specific areas (Warm-Up) or fabrics, and all with multiple customization options.

Premium after-sales service

We guarantee our customers a high quality after-sales service free of charge, because their needs are ours.


7 Years

Premium guarantee on Senttix lines


100 Nights

100 Test Nights on Senttix Lines


transport and assembly

At home, no charge.


Collection and recycling

We pick up and recycle your old mattress.

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Exclusive personalized treatment and advice for you or your projects We assure you that you will be satisfied and receive the solutions you need in high quality rest and comfort Without any commitment.

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