Distributor Noctis in Mallorca

Noctis distributor in Mallorca

We are distributors of the Noctis brand in Mallorca. This brand offers a process of creation of beds that has led to a design down to the last detail.

Noctis is characterized by a tradition of craftsmanship that has been growing for years, thanks to the innovation of new products. Come and visit us and discover why we are the Noctis reference store in Mallorca.

We color the world with sofas, armchairs and decorative accessories. We seek with colors and innovation a result that moves people.

We let ourselves be influenced by the world of fashion and culture, so we can create our collections with a reflection of personality and inspiration from the people who live them.

Distribuidor Noctis en Mallorca | Home Palma

Pure and exciting ergonomics

"It's not what I dream, it's what I rest."
Distribuidor Noctis en Mallorca | Home Palma

Quality and comfort

Noctis distributor in Mallorca
Distribuidor Noctis en Mallorca | Home Palma

Smooth and extravagant

Noctis distributor in Mallorca

Noctis in Mallorca

Noctis deposits the design of the beds guaranteeing a total service that meets all the most demanding standards and certifications. The care and passion for detail and quality make the product an example of an artisan culture applied to industrial design, combining technological, aesthetic and emotional aspects.

Color is our poetics, it transcends the world of furniture to directly influence people’s lifestyles. Fun, abstract, pop, fashion, a symbolic act that interprets the world, color is the protagonist of our collections with more than 550 shades of leather and fabrics.

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