Great delicacy and beauty on your skin while you sleep

A cozy and soft surface, composed of the most delicate and exquisite materials of the collection, sewn by hand through dozens of interior tugs (hidden capitoné), for a pleasant and sound sleep.

 66% Viscose, 20% Wool  and 14% Cotton

Thickness : 32 cm

2262 Pocket Springs Multispring

2262 Pocket Springs in cotton fabric + Merino Wool + Horsehair + Latex and Jute

With Hydra+ treatment

This mattress incorporates a Hydra+ spray, an innovative probiotic formula that improves the skin’s PH, promotes collagen production and melanin formation, and reduces the visible signs of ageing Includes Hydra+ spray pack for refilling at home.

Carbon fiber

The carbon filaments that contain the yarn and the surface of the D-Stress fabric used in the VIT mattresses and toppers protect you against electromagnetic pollution, discharging static electricity in the air and eliminating its harmful effects on your health.


More than 4500 pocket springs, distributed in 3 layers, which reduce the pressure and our movements while we sleep.

Merino wool

This natural fiber is the best natural insulator, capable of maintaining a constant body temperature and avoiding thermal variations.

Natural latex

Natural material extracted from rubber, elastic, soft firmness and great adaptability.

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