The 521 mattress provides maximum adaptability with its Multispring pocket spring housing and viscoelastic on both sides. Its handles make it more comfortable for handling by hotel staff.

Core : Multispring pocket springs

Layers: Upper viscoelastic 2 cm.

Fabric: PES + FR + Anti bedbugs

Thickness: 26 & 27 cms

Flip: Yes

Firmness: 8/10

Twin option: Yes

The best-selling mattress.

The best option for high volume operations and holiday establishments that take care of the comfort of their guests.


All fabrics are treated with fire retardant for maximum prevention and risk reduction. In addition, they are treated to prevent mites, allergies and fungi.

The pocket springs aid air circulation inside the mattress, improving its hygiene and ventilation. The perimeter frame, made with firmer pocket springs, helps to extend the life of the mattress.

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