Italian design sofas

In Home Palma we are fascinated by design and elegance, that’s why we show you our line of Italian design sofas. Design, elegance and comfort are the words that could be used to describe theEgoitaliano brand, of which we are official distributors.

Visit our showroom and you will be greeted by a relaxation consultant, who will help you choose the designer sofa that best suits your needs and tastes.

Everything that happens in the world of fashion and street style fascinates us and sets our aesthetic search in motion. Ours is design in motion. Moving towards people, moving towards everything around us, moving towards the future.

Color is our poetics, it transcends the world of furniture to directly influence people’s lifestyles. Fun, abstract, pop, fashion, a symbolic act that interprets the world, color is the protagonist of our collections with more than 550 shades of leather and fabrics.

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