Chaise Longue of leather in Palma

We advise you on the purchase of a leather chaise longue in Palma

Buying leather chaise longue in Palma has never been so easy. Advice is a key part for the customer to obtain the product he was looking for.

Design and exclusivity represent us. Small details such as finishes make the difference in our products, giving a touch of quality, design and exclusivity. Come visit us and discover why we are the reference store in leather chaise longue in Palma.

We color the world with sofas, armchairs and decorative accessories. We seek with colors and innovation a result that moves people.

We let ourselves be influenced by the world of fashion and culture, so we can create our collections with a reflection of personality and inspiration from the people who live them.

Chaise longue de piel en Palma | Home Palma

Leather chaise longue

"Quality, of course."
Chaise longue de piel en Palma | Home Palma

Chaise longue to your liking

"We listen to your wishes."
Chaise longue de piel en Palma | Home Palma

Luxury chaise longue

"Excellence at rest"

Leather chaise longue

Everything that happens in the world of fashion and street style fascinates us and sets our aesthetic search in motion. Ours is design in motion. Moving towards people, moving towards everything around us, moving towards the future.

Color is our poetics, it transcends the world of furniture to directly influence people’s lifestyles. Fun, abstract, pop, fashion, a symbolic act that interprets the world, color is the protagonist of our collections with more than 550 shades of leather and fabrics.

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