Folding bed

As a novelty, Senttix presents a family of bases in which the mattress is integrated into the bed structure, thus lowering its visible height and giving all the importance to the bed as the main element.

Altura sin patas 30 / 35 cm

Tapa: Slim: Madera MDF rígida 1 cm

Altura libre interior cofre:
Band 30 = 12 cm
Band 35 = 17 cm

It conserves storage capacity thanks to its thin hinged lid and its two available heights of up to 35 cm. The Band bed is characterized by its large upper rib that frames the entire contour of the mattress as a band.

optional legs

Wide variety of decorative legs for all folding bases. There is also the option of a wooden plinth, Standard leg or floor.

By default, the folding bases are supplied with the 5 cm high Standard leg included in the price.

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