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The products in the VIT collection reflect both elegance and simplicity. They are white, clean and delicate, and contain treatments that improve skin hydration and elasticity, control electromagnetic pollution and regulate blood pressure Are you a VIT person?

This Senttix line brings us the elegance of simplicity. Clean, well cared for designs in white tones. Treated materials to keep electromagnetic pollution at bay, regulate blood pressure and increase skin hydration.

The Senttix VIT Collection is focused on the exclusive and elegant designs. Their models combine natural materials (BioCrystal) with our state-of-the-art solutions (De Stress, Hydra+ and Multispring® Soft Touch). The result is a harmony that you will benefit from in your daily rest.

Premium after-sales service

We guarantee our customers a high quality after-sales service free of charge, because their needs are ours.


7 Years

Premium Garantee on the Senttix lines


100 Nights

100 Test Nights on Senttix Lines


transport and assembly

At home, no charge


collection and recycling

We pick up and recycle your old mattress.

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