Classic sleep with vegan certificate

Natural and sustainable materials for a good sleep

Designed with a plush comfort. Handmade with tuft and needle, reaching just the right volume and balanced firmness.

80% Cotton and 20% Linen

Thickness : 29 cm

1254 Pocket Springs Multispring

Wool and Hemp + PLA

No synthetic fibers

PLA fiber of vegetable origin has high thermal performance and is able to absorb body heat. It’s a biodegradable and organic material, free of foams and artificial synthetic fibers, whose process of obtaining, using and recycling significantly reduces the environmental footprint In addition, cotton and hemp give rise to soft and hydrophilic fabrics, with natural antibacterial properties

Certified Vegan

Ventis is the perfect mattress for vegans as it doesn’t contain any products of animal origin, taking into account all the production and processing stages involved in production.


The Multispring® 1500 inner core is made of thousands of pocket springs that distribute body pressure ergonomically.

PLA Fiber

PLA fiber, vegetable fiber (corn) with high thermal performance,
able to absorb body heat. Free of artificial foams
and synthetic fibers.

Cotton and linen fabric

This combination of fabrics allows air to flow freely and absorbs excess moisture, preventing the appearance of fungus. Being organic, these materials have benefits for the environment and for people.

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