System with natural materials: pure craftsmanship

A mattress with the best innovations

Concentrates all properties and comfort on one side. The Pillow-Top system allows a better adaptation of the inner layers to the curves of the body, thus avoiding any pressure point and providing a light and soft touch.

 66% Viscose, 20% Wool and 14% Cotton

Thickness:  32 cm

1254 Pocket Springs Multispring

Merino Wool + Latex + Jute

Natural Pillow Top

The Pillow-Top system of the Mare mattress adapts the mattress to your body thanks to its shape and materials. Merino wool and natural latex provide a naturally soft comfort and great adaptability.

Premium natural fabric

At the top, this mattress features an exceptional wool, viscose and cotton fabric of organic, sustainable and biodegradable origin Its decorative tassels, also made of wool, are hand-stitched one by one.


The Multispring® inner core is made of thousands of pocket springs that distribute body pressure ergonomically.

Merino Wool

This natural fiber of animal origin has excellent and unbeatable insulating properties, which allows maintaining the ideal body temperature at all times.

Natural latex

Natural material extracted from rubber, elastic, soft firmness and great adaptability.

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