Pocket sprung mattress with a top layer of 2 cm of viscoelastic material that provides great adaptability and comfort to the guest. By concentrating all the comfort on one side, it eliminates the need to flip it over. The mattress Europillow is quiet and adaptable. Its weight distribution makes it ideal for sleeping as a couple.

Core : Multispring pocket springs

Layers: Upper viscoelastic 2 cm.

Fabric: PES + FR + Anti bedbugs

Thickness: 30 cms

Flip: No

Firmness: 6/10

Twin option: Yes

Top rated on the internet.

The pillow-top on the top of the Europillow mattress is the revolution in comfort in the sleep sector. Thanks to the superior viscoelastic, it is ideal for sleeping as a couple, as it avoids the feeling of being pulled towards the center of the mattress. With all the comfort concentrated on one side, it provides the same quality without the need to be turned over.


All fabrics are treated with fire retardant for maximum prevention and risk reduction. In addition, they are treated to prevent mites, allergies and fungi.

The pocket springs aid air circulation inside the mattress, improving its hygiene and ventilation. The perimeter frame, made with firmer pocket springs, helps to extend the life of the mattress.

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